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Smoking in National Parks

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Considering National Parks are vast, outdoor areas, some may be surprised by the strict smoking policy within them. Movements to make national parks smoke free have started world wide, and U.S. National Parks have tightened regulations regarding smoking tobacco cigarettes and cigars. The regulations come from two concerns: second-hand smoke and fire hazards.

What about smoking Marijuana? In short, it's illegal. National Parks are federal land, and Marijuana has not been legalized federally. Even if you are visiting a national park within a state that has legalized, or decriminalized, the substance, you can get in serious legal trouble by bringing it into the park.

Here's everywhere you can smoke in a National Park:

  • In an enclosed vehicle

  • Designated campgrounds

  • Picnic areas where wood or charcoal fires are allowed

  • Paved developed outdoor areas, like sidewalks

  • Designated smoking areas

Long story short, be mindful of others and the environment while smoking, and in general, when visiting National Parks.

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